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Tour Israel and after book an extension to the relaxing beach vacation to Eilat

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Eilat the southernmost city next to the Red Sea, is the most popular family beach resort destination in Israel. The destination offers excellent dining, shopping, beach relaxation, and 5 star hotels. Travel with your spouse to Israel on a Christian tour, and visit Eilat as a tour extension for some extra days of relaxation and time of leisure during your Israel tour.

The city of Eilat is a very new city only established as early as 1950, yet the region has great significance in history as an important port area- beginning in the period of King Solomon, where in the port he created a fleet of ships for war. The Nabataeans, Romans, Arabs, and Crusaders, are among the rules of this beautiful desert oasis.
Tourist from all over the world travel to Israel and many continue to Eilat for a sunny beach vacation. In particular most Israeli families will travel and flock to the Red Sea beaches in one of their summers. Some of the attractions in Eilat include a combination of natural attractions such as the hot weather, warm tropical Red Sea, and picturesque mountains as the backdrop. This along with popular tourist activities including sailing, world class diving in the Eilat Coral Reserves, and the Underwater Observatory that houses a marine museum displaying beautiful sea creatures make Eilat one of the most popular beach destinations.
Eilat also offers first class Israeli and international dining restaurants, as well as cafes, clubs, artistic shops and a beautiful promenade that has a popular bazaar (market) during the summer. There are more tourist attractions while on your tour of Israel, stop by and see the Dolphin Reef and meet the resident school of dolphins, visit the “Kings City” family park offering a high tech virtual tour park based on the bible. Go to the movies on Eilats IMAX 3D theater for a great movie experience during your Israel vacation.
Many Israel tours don’t offer Eilat on a classic itinerary. Look for grand tours which include Eilat or simply add it as an extension to your tour. Preferably after your busy tour giving you time to relax and rest on a sunny beach. Eilat is also the main departure city for tour excursions in to UNESCO’s World Heritage site of Petra in Jordan. 
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