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Weather to expect when traveling to Israel

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One of the important things to educate yourself about is to know what to expect about the local weather on your tour to Israel. This region is privileged with long, warm, dry summers from April to October, and generally very mild winters from November to March, with hardly any rainfall, and expect cool weather in the hill regions of Israel such as Safed and Jerusaelm.

Regional weather temperatures very a great deal in Israel, expect humid summers and mild winters in the coastal plains and coastal areas of the country; dry summer months that is slightly cooler due to the Mediterranean Sea breeze and mild winters in cities such as Tel Aviv. Expect hot summers and pleasant winters in the Jordan Valley, and semi-desert temperatures all year round in the Negev region and Eilat.

In the southern region of Israel weather extremes range from an occasional winter that may include snowfall to the mountain regions with usual extreme heat and dry winds that send temperatures soaring, this is specially true in spring and autumn months in Israel.
While travel to Israel is recommended and is usually reasonably comfortable year long, spring months of March to May and fall months from October to November are generally milder in temperatures.

Average Temperatures in Israel

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