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Passport and Visa Requirements Traveling to Israel

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Israel’s democracy and passport laws provides for easy access for tourists, visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they are departing their country, and in case of US citizens a valid US passport valid six months from date of departure from US is all that is needed.

Tourist may stay in Israel up to three months from date of arrival in Israel, and in acceptance with visa conditions issued.

One important thing to consider for tourists traveling from Israel, and continue to an Arab country with the exceptions of Egypt, and Jordan, Israel’s government recommends that you request in customs that your passport does not get an Israeli passport stamp. When entering the country in customs let the clerk know that you wish to not get your passport documents stamped. The clerks are familiar with this request and will not stamp your passport.

US citizens require no visas to enter Israel. If your travels will take you to other destinations, please contact the respective visa and consulate agencies of your country destination in order to determine your travel documents needed during your trip.

You can find additional travel and document information at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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