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Visit the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem

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A great starting point on your Israel tour is the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem where you will explore many holy and historical sites. In the Jewish Quarter you will find restaurants, and many surprises, as well as the most important sites to Judaism like the Western Wall where you can pray, the City of David, the Herodian Quarter, Temple Institute, and the Courtyard of Old Yishuv.

The Jewish Quarter is one of the four historic quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. The 15 acres area extends in the southeastern part of the walled city, and stretches from the Zion Gate, along the Armenian Quarter to the west, up to the Street of the Chain in the north and extends to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in the east.

Jews have inhabited the Jewish Quarter for centuries, following the capture of the Old City by the Arabs in 1948, many of the buildings were destroyed. After in 1967 when Israel regained control of the Old City it began immediate reconstruction and today many Israelis live and study in the Jewish Quarter.

At the Jewish Quarter you will also see the memorial of the Hurvah Synagogue which was destroyed in 1948, the ruins of the broad wall built by Hezekiah before 701 B.C., Jewish ritual baths, attesting to the importance of ritual purity for Jews back in the first century A.D., and an impressive menorah plated with 95 lbs of gold, the first one like this to be constructed since the destruction of the Jewish Temple.

The Jewish Quarter will make a wonderful experience during your tour of Jerusalem, and is a must stop during all Jewish heritage tours. Israel tour operators will likely provide you plenty of time to explore on your own or tour with an experience tour guide of this area.

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