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Travel to Israel and visit the Old City of Acre

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Traveling to Acre during a guided tour to Israel is truly a must. Not all tours feature Acre in the itinerary, therefore take special consideration to read if the destination is included. The city Acre, also known as Akko, is one of the oldest cities in the world, with continuous inhabitants dating back to the times of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Acre is located at the northern end of Haifa, considered the coastal plain region of Israel, and has a rich history of commercial activity in it’s harbor because of it’s ideal location with quick access to the sea.

The sea waves from the Mediterranean crash on Acre’s walls which have held up for centuries. The city fortress and building have been constructed, and refortified by many nations whom have conquered the land throughout the cities long history.

Acre features a great variety of tourist attractions, and attracts travelers from all religions, and special interests including Christians Holy Land tours from every corner of the world. In Acre there’s a special attraction in every corner.

Acres amazing history has even included Napoleon Bonaparte, whom tried to conquer the city, however after several months of trying to brake the fortress walls, Napoleon retreated in failure. For centuries Acre was the coastal link to the Levant, with forces from St. John d’Acre, the Crusaders captured the city. Many cultures have also made Acre their homes including the Ottomans whom made Acre their homes for centuries.

On your Israel tour you’ll find colorful open markets with delightful foods, as well as a famous hummus restaurant, where locals and travelers alike enjoy delicious foods. When in Acre make sure to visit it’s large mosque, as well as the Christian monastery inside old Acre’s fortress walls. In Acre you’ll also find many churches to visit as well as interesting museums during your Holy Land tour. Enjoy a Turkish bath, visit an amazing Templar tunnel and amazing archeological sites built by the Knights Templar. Acre also offers exquisite deluxe hotel accommodations, situated near it’s beaches, and city marinas with many restaurants.

With fascinating history you’ll find Acre to be a colorful and vibrant Israel destination during your Israel tour. While Acre is not a typical Israel tour stop. You can select the 12 day holy land tour that stops at Acre or choose a private tour or a day excursion from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to Acre.

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